Monday, May 20, 2013

O What A Night

Another year, another Prom! 

This was the fourth annual prom that CB's school has held and the amazing prom committee never fails to disappoint, nor does the community who helps support and sponsor this event. 

Unlike past years, I have very few photos this time. She is always uncooperative with the camera but this year she seemed excessively so.  Her disdain for the camera coupled with the fact that I was too rushed to get any photos at the house before we left, made the evening a bit less documented than usual.  

I had a lot of photos of the top of CB's head.  She just hates to look up.

She was not at all interested in being outside, just like last year, which was a shame because it was actually a gorgeous, warm evening with a picturesque backdrop.   I remembered what my husband always says to the girls: "Im taking pictures with my heart." That's what I have... lots of heart pictures.

She was much happier sitting down at our table and ripping apart the center pieces and her corsage.   

My ex-husband brought his girlfriend who has come before and she is just lovely and sweet.  As she sat there with CB's father and I, we were mistaken for his girlfriend's parents.  Yes, our table-mates assumed that he and I - obviously CB's parents- were also his younger girl friend's parents too!  At first I was all like "Ha ha, my ex just got mistaken as his date's FATHER! Bwaaahaaahaaa" 
But moments later I was all like, 
Oh, snap - major buzz kill that I look old enough to be her mother!

As my seven year old daughter says "Awwww-kward!!"
But funny. Definitely funny, in an "I've lost all sense of pride anyway" sort of way. 
It was a good laugh.
At my expense. So, whatever. 

 CB and her peeps

The best part of the night, for me, is when the DJ gets going and the dance floor fills up with kids, teachers and family - everyone boogying down. I wish I had a video of it.  I'd play it every morning to make me smile right from the heart.  It makes my year.

Even CB, a non-dancer, got out there once and jumped about. 

I love this prom.  The best night of the year for me and CB.

Read about our past prom nights HERE and HERE if you're new or just want to take a trip down memory lane!


kario said...

Lovely! So pleased that you two get to enjoy this evening together.

Elizabeth said...

And I love reading about this night every year that you post about it! The photos are glamorous, and despite the insult, you continue to look radiant. Positively radiant.

Christy said...

Oh snap! Hahahaha! That is hysterical!!!

And those pictures are great! Is that last one of her and her dad? Love it.

Anonymous said...

CB is gorgeous. You all look so happy!

Tanya Savko said...

Prom is the best! Nigel went to his first last weekend, and I was so glad to be a part of it.

In other news, whenever she sees me, my 95-year-old grandmother thinks that I am my mother. My mom thinks it's great; I, not so much :)

Alicia D said...

tanya - oh you look SO young i can't believe you are mistaken for your mother... at least your grandma is 95 and her eyes are likely failing her!! LOL! Well, Im glad I'm not the only one at least mistaken for being older than I am!!

cameramom said...

Always looks like a good time had by all!
My son's social group always holds a dance but this year Jarrett is in high school and has been escorting our friend's daughter to homecoming and prom. They are both autistic but she is less verbal than Jarrett so his job is to see she has a good time (while her mom and I hover close by).

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