Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In The Field

The end of the year means Track and Field days for all the girls.  

Sack races, egg and spoon races, sprints, relays and bouncy houses.  I remember doing these Field Days a kid.  I remember how it was the best day of the entire school year!

Rella's day was hot, so there was a lot of water fun (and big water fight at the end with teachers and students!)

Tink had a scorcher of a day, humid and hot, but it didn't squelch the fun.

Red Baseball hat, third from the front - tuggin' her heart out with her tiny muscles!

Pink's weather was absolute perfection. 

CB's school actually does a full week of school-wide activities called "Olympic Week" complete with team t-shirts, opening and closing ceremonies, swimming, bowling, and volleyball.

 The bowling ramp definitely helps these kids out!

 Volleyball used a balloon instead of a ball to make it easier to track. 

The first time I've ever seen CB swim. She doggy paddled with this life vest thing on in water over her head (PS, no way would she ever be able to stay afloat without it!) It was so cute. 

I love that despite their unique differences, I was able to watch all four of my girls participate in their Field Days.  They had a ball, and I loved watching them.
My face actually hurt from smiling.


Elizabeth said...

What fun! Of course, I particularly liked those photos of CB and her schoolmates doing adaptive field day events. Very, very cool!

kario said...

I'm with Elizabeth - the adaptations were great to see! Field day rocks. I want one for me!

Tanya Savko said...

Field Day was always so much fun, and I love what CB's school does. Cheers!

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