Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kindergarten Dry Run

Yesterday Baby Girl got to have a Kindergarten "Practice Run." 
On Kindergarten Orientation Day, parents are able to ride the bus with their children, go into their classrooms, sit in their desks and meet the teachers.

I don't know why she is super serious here on the bus ride.  

Fortunately, she is a pro at riding the bus and going to school five half-days a week.  She was bussed to the township's preschool program every day last year. Sure, it was a little bus and now she's on the 'big girl' bus but it's still not intimidating for her.  Plus, her 2 friends/playgroup compadres are on her same bus too! 

 The pre-school she attended was in this very elementary school plus she's been in and out so many times for her sisters and knows many of the teachers.
As usual, she is totally ready and I'm all emotional.   

This year I have all four kids in school.  Granted, Rella is gone for less than 3 hours in half-day Kindergarten. I might have time to pee and write an email, and then everyone starts coming home.
Regardless, it's the principle. I'm the mother of 4 school-aged kids.  Yikes.

I went back to read the first blog post I ever wrote, and here is a snippet of my life a little over 5 years ago. I was out at a Korean restaurant in Philly with my brood along with my sister and her family:

"I was sitting there wracking my sleep deprived brain, nursing a newborn, and starving because even though I had a huge Hot Pot of Udon Noodles in front of me, my three other kids had eaten most everything out of it.  A number of funky appetizers had been ordered but placed on the table out of reach of a mom sandwiched in between her agitated, non-verbal, severely disabled 13 year old, a tired 2 year old, a whiny three year old and a newborn nursing during the entire  dinner because every time I took her off my boob she just wailed.  All I needed was a screeching cat a top my head to complete the picture..." 

And THIS was the nursing newborn. She obviously detached herself from my boob long enough
to grow into a beautiful, smart, funny, happy Kindergartener.

How the heck did all that happen in a mere blink?

School starts September third.  I am both ready and not ready. 
My kids?  I think they're all ready.  


Elizabeth said...

Oh, my goodness! You're going to have three whole hours to while away! (I say that somewhat ironically...)

And that girl is so gorgeous and open-eyed!

Julie said...

Love the clip from blog post! It's amazing how quickly we can go from barely surviving on lack of sleep and food to sending them off to school. Every time I look at my little guy I think "I can't believe you are the same guy that would screech like a pterodactyl every time I put you down for 6 months."

kario said...

What an adventure this will be! I love that you have the blog as a record of your previous life. It is so great to be able to remind ourselves of where we once were.

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