Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: 4 to 100

We had two back-to-back family birthday parties this weekend.  My nephew's 4th and my grandfather's 100th.

That just happened. 

My nephew's party was at an awesome park in PA.  Couldn't have scripted a more beautiful day.

CB was actually pretty good. She stayed at the picnic table and only bolted once to steal some unsuspecting toddler's goldfish crackers from a nearby table. Before leaving, I took her to the public restrooms for a diaper change. Of course, they didn't have the spacious handicapped stall so we had to squash into the tiny bathroom stall which was fine - I'm a pro at the "standing up diaper change." Wouldn't you know as I'm changing her the toilet starts randomly gurgling and bubbling like a geyser, nasty toilet water spraying my bare legs.

It's like, you can't make this stuff up sometimes.

But, considering all the things that can go wrong, that was really nothing. 

On to the next party!

I mean, ONE HUNDRED.  How many 100th birthday parties do you get to go to in a lifetime?  

Even the Obamas were impressed.  They sent a letter...

He always wanted to live to be 100.  He might not fully realize it or even know how to enjoy it, but he got his wish.

My grandfather isn't the same anymore. He hasn't been the same for the past 5 or 6 years actually.  He doesn't remember me... remember us.  But I remember him. 


Elizabeth said...

THAT is wild. Really wild. Is that his wife with him?

I love your line about knowing him -- so beautiful.

ME said...

He's cute, in a I wish he was my grandpa way :)

Alicia D said...

@elizabeth - oh yes that is my grandmother, his wife. She was married at 19 to another man, my father's father, and he died when my dad was 26 and i was only one. Then she married again - this man, the only grandfather I've known. They've been married for i think about 40 years or so. He's got very bad dementia now, but it didn't stop us from celebrating and he hung in there with it like a champ :)

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