Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: Just Beachy

This weekend we day-tripped to the beach and hung out with some new friends in their ocean front condo rental. 
And it went something like this...

I love the beach. Dr Fabulous? Not so much. There are beach people and there are not beach people.  I would put him in the "not" category which simply means that despite being within an hour drive of the Jersey beaches, we seldom go.  
Yet, here we were on a perfect day and the girls loved it.

We had drinks and food and music and friends and the most idyllic weather you could imagine. It was pretty awesome (except for my hurt back which I don't even have the energy to provide details on right now). But the cutest part for me? When, on the ride home I asked Dr Fabulous if he had fun and he said "Yes." Then he said "Do you know what my favorite part was?" I had a million and one hypotheses, but he surprised me by saying 
"Taking the girls out deep to ride the waves."

And ya know?  That was my favorite part too - and not just because a) I was injured and b) I don't like to go into the ocean.  Honestly, watching the girls with their arms around their Dad's neck, squealing and smiling and knowing he would keep them safe was priceless.   A dad with his daughter... you just can't top it. 

My second favorite moment was when he wiped out running along the beach acting like a goofball.  
Still laughing out loud at that one.
Yup... still laughing....


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kario said...

There are 'not-beachy' people? Really? Sounds to me like he might be a convert...

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