Thursday, October 10, 2013

tHERsDay: Catching Up

I received an email this morning from a long-time reader, fellow blogger, and Mom-In-The-Know about how life goes with kids ... with our kinds of kids.  She was just checking in.  Ya know, a "Hellllloooooo in there!!! Anyone home?  Everything okay?" kind of email.  Because, of course, with our kinds of kids... we worry when someone doesn't surface after too long.

Her sweet gesture gave me that nudge I needed.  It's been ... well, close to 2 months and that is just far too long.  What can I say... life has a way of just spiraling around like a revolving door hitting mach speed.  

We've just been busy. Insanely so.

So, here's a little catch up on the nicer stuff.  I'll leave the agonizing sh*t out because let's face it... if I've ignored blogging about it for this long, it's obvious that a rehash isn't really workin' for me.

Anyway, nicey-nice things - enter stage left:

Summer is greatly missed.  The dramatic change in pace was a bit tough for us all...myself included.  

We've got baby girl starting Kindergarten.  Half-day, afternoon shift.  I end up with 2 hours and 50 minutes kid-free.  That's a major event around here!

Miss Tink is rockin' the second grade.  No problems there. That girl is my worry-free, wash-and-wear kid.  

And Pink is not only in fourth grade but starting at a brand new school that goes fourth through sixth.  The work is harder, their schedule is earlier, and there is a lot more independence.   

She seems to be adjusting.  She already received the "Student of the Month" recognition for September so I guess, at least with her teacher, she is making an impression!

And we've got CB rockin' whatever grade she's in.  In a different, parallel universe that only exists in my head, she'd be off in college right now.  I'm glad she's here for another three years.  She has a new class and new teachers and seems to be doing well.

The kids and their activities are keeping us hopping - girl scouts, soccer, tennis, swimming, art class, running group, young philanthrophy group, flute, religious ed, homework/tests/quizzes...
'Tis the season.  

My freelance writing has picked up which is a big YAY but also means I'm barely sleeping or keeping up with the house, the laundry, my sanity. 

It's all sorts of non-relaxing. But it is ALL GOOD!

I remind myself that all the things I sometimes bemoan, I will miss one day.  I will miss incredibly if it were ever all just taken away from me. 

Now that I'm kind of caught up in that superficial sort of way, I'm hoping this gets me back in the blogging routine.  Thanks to anyone still hanging in with me!


Anonymous said...

Missed ya, Dr. Mom!

In the interest of accuracy, it is "Mach speed."

In the interest of dental health, make sure those girls floss after eating cotton candy.


Alicia D said...

lol - is it really 'mach" wow - learn something every day. i guess they didn't teach me spelling in doctor school LOL! And yes, i was dismayed by the colossal cotton candy especially when this girl already has cavities to be filled but... it was the end of summer. I caved. We do floss and do ACT mouth rinse RELIGIOUSLY and sworn off everything "gummy!"

Lucy Fox said...

Hello Alicia im in desperate need of some help and advice. I need to get some diapers for my husbands pervious child who's coming to stay with us for the week. I told him i could get some but i have no idea! she is about the same size as CB. What diapers do you get for CB? and what size do I go for?

I was wondering if you have a link or something? you could email?

Thank you so so much!! xx

Lucy Fox

Alicia D said...

Hi Lucy - I hope you see this. I don't have your email so I can't respond like that... mind is under the "contact" tab on this blog.

I order mine through a company called NorthShore Care Company at I get the Tranquility All Through The Night (or ATN) tabbed diapers. They seem to hold the most volume for us and leak the least. They should have a size chart or you can call and consult with them via phone. at 1-800-563-0161. They are VERY nice! Carlie is 5'3" and about 117 pounds and a Medium fit her.
Good LUCK!!

Alicia D said...

oh, PS to Lucy - they are under the category "Overnight Fitted Briefs" (All through the night fitted diapers). Click on that and chose "Tranquility Briefs"

Also, if you do a websearch for Northshore Care company and coupon you should be able to find a coupon. :)

CJ said...

So glad you are back. I checked in everyday and you were missed

Alicia D said...

Awww, thank you CJ :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, so her name is Carlie.

I noticed in the photos that she seemed to be losing that adolescent skinnyness and looking more like a girl of late high school age. Time flies at mach speed.


Anonymous said...

like to pull her panties off.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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