Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Heaven

We all woke up tired and sluggish the morning after Halloween, so thank goodness it was Friday. We had stayed up too late and had candy hang-overs, but it was worth it.  

After the three older girls got on the bus, Rella and I crawled into my bed and I turned the T.V. on and we snuggled under the warm sheets dozing to Curious George, cuddling together as it rained outside. Usually we run around in the morning before her PM Kindergarten but not today.  We needed some quality R & R.  

Yesterday was Halloween and the girls of course were crazy excited because... well, they are obsessed with candy. And dressing up. 

Wednesday night, Pink and I had a Mommy-daughter party with friends complete with fun games, costumes and great food.

Then Rella woke up at 6:00 am Halloween morning pronouncing that it was Trick or Treat Day and wanted to immediately get into her outfit.  She was just a tad excited.  The afternoon was marked by the Big Fat Elementary School Parade Extravaganza of Cuteness.  

After school, we kicked off our Second Annual "Big Fat Neighborhood Trick, Treat and Feast" shin dig.   We started it last year, with just three families. This year we had about 30 people and it kicked butt!  

We trick or treat in a large pack and then return to my house for a spread of potluck style food, warm mulled apple wine, homemade hot chocolate and loads of desserts.  

You know, Halloween was never one of my favorite holidays.  But, it's starting to grow on me.  As I was standing at the elementary school parade during the afternoon with my friend Lisa, she turned to me with her iPhone videoing and a big goofy smile on her face and said "God, I freakin' LOVE this. I do, I'm such a sap. I love it all."  I had to admit, I do too. We don't love the holiday of "Halloween" necessarily - the candy frenzy and the overpriced outfits but we LOVE watching our kids get so excited.  We love watching them parade around the school parking lot. We love the twinkle in their eyes when they're all dressed up and feeling special.  We love sneaking our favorite candies (like Reeces Peanut butter cups) out of their bags and we love getting together and chatting while walking up and down the sidewalks while our kids run from house to house, holding hands. 

I don't love the massive amounts of candy BUT I do love that a local dentist office has a Halloween Candy Buy Back where children can donate excess candy to the troops overseas.  We have done this for years, and it's a great way to work philanthropy into this holiday. 

Funny that I mention it, but I wrote a little article about ways to give back for Halloween HERE if you are so inclined to do a little light reading.

Well, I'm off to enjoy my Friday night with the world's most expensive Pumpkin Ale that I accidentally bought without looking at the price tag. 

Hope your Halloween was happy!!


Kristi Campbell said...

Your Halloween looks fantastic! I love all of the photos. Cheers to some R&R time Friday morning as well!

Tanya Savko said...

Oh my gosh, I love Rella's ruby slippers :)

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