Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Post-Halloween Charity: Our Candy Drive Was A Success!

My absolute favorite day of the year was this weekend. What is it you might ask? Daylight Savings, where we "fall back" and get that extra hour. I swear to you, when Dr Fabulous reminded me of Daylight Savings on Saturday morning, I threw my arms in the air and started doing a happy dance.  With a whoop.   It was especially fortuitous that I planned a birthday dinner in the city with my mom and sister (we all have Fall birthdays) on Saturday night. So when I got home at 11:30 it was really 10:30 and I got into bed all like "Boo-yah!" 

It's the little things. Like, an extra hour of sleep once a year.  I'm living large over here.


Well, the Halloween madness is over and our annual candy drive for the U.S. troops a huge success!

Each year since Pink was four, we have donated our extra candy to the troops. Most years we also organize a drive in our community and it's always met with great success. 

Last year we found a closer Candy Buy Back program that participated with Operation Gratitude. This  local dentist office is run by some pretty fabulous women. Operation Gratitude is a non-profit organization that creates care packages for U.S. Soldiers overseas and they collect many items from toiletries to magazines to treats like candy that get packaged up along with cards for the soldiers. 

This year we rocked it even harder and collected 66 pounds of candy!!

Those blurry 5 boxes of candy were ALL us! 

The dental office makes it a big party - free hotdogs, popcorn and lemonade, prizes and a card-writing station. Everyone is so nice over there, I swear I'm in love with them!  I love them almost as much as I love Daylight Savings Day.  

The kids are off the rest of the week for the New Jersey Teacher's Convention, so I'll get to have them home all day on my birthday tomorrow.  That is great, right? 
Yeah, we'll go with that. 

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kario said...

Love the candy drive! I always 'buy' my girls' candy from them - except for ten or fifteen pieces they save out for themselves - with a gift card to a local bookstore. Saves us from having tons of sugar around the house for months.

I love Daylight Savings day, too, if only because for a few extra weeks I don't have to get up in the pitch black morning. Bubba hates it, though, because by the time he gets home from work at night, it's been dark for more than an hour.

Happy birthday!

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