Thursday, November 21, 2013

tHERsDay and A Little Housekeeping

Today is tHERsDay, and CB is having a pretty good week so far.  No complaints here.

She's so cute.

Time for a little light housekeeping.

* Pentimento Magazine's second issue will be coming out December 15th and I have the good fortune of having an essay featured in this issue.  As a contributing editor, I had the opportunity to preview this issue too for editorial assistance. After reading it straight through and seeing the layout, I was blurry eyed with tears and overcome with emotion. That's what this magazine does. It makes you ache, good and bad, and feel connected to an entire community of people in your "tribe" of the differently-abled.  I love this magazine. It is only available in print so PLEASE consider a subscription at $10.00/year.  It costs less than a coffee habit or a few books on your Kindle.

* I've been featured again on the Families for Communities Blog and Resource page. This is a wonderful website for parents of children with special needs so please show them some support!

* Want a "feel good" Facebook page?  The Grow Love Project celebrates ordinary acts of kindness we see, hear, read, or do every day. They just started facebook page.  It's not a non-profit. It's not an orgazination or a blog or anything self-promoting. It's just a really cool woman trying to create a space to share good things, charitable deeds, random acts of kindness with the world.  Join the community, post what you are doing with YOUR family in your corner of the world.  Be the spark, be a light, be an inspiration.

(P.S. They have the cutest T-shirts on their website. I am so hunting this down and GETTING ONE to wear with a black maxi skirt and fitted denim jacket and boots. Not that I'm planning the outfit in my head right now or anything).

* Speaking of outfits - Heavenly Soles sent me a pair of sheepskin boots to test drive and review.

I have to confess my shallowness here.  The giant "HS" on the back throws me off.  And when I say "throws me off" what I mean is that I don't like it one bit because I feel like I'm wearing knock off Uggs or Koolaburras. BUT, I will also confess that they are actually really warm and comfy. But, I won't wear them outside of the house. I almost treat them like slippers.  Feel free to make fun of me. I am that pathetic, I know.

So if you are not as ridiculous as I, and don't mind a giant HS on the back of your boot, check them out. They are less expensive than the higher end sheep skin boot and though I can't comment on their durability because they are so new, I can say that my two pairs of Uggs haven't really held up very well over the last few years.

Ok, next subject....

* My newest article on Handling Food Allergies at the Holidays, specifically at Thanksgiving, is up on SheKnows. It offers tips from moms who know how difficult Thanksgiving can be for kids with serious, life-threatening food allergies.

*And now it's time for bed.  G'night!


Tanya Savko said...

I love CB's shirt! Glad to hear of the so-far good week, too.
And thanks for the FFC shout out! We are so grateful to feature your wonderful writing. Lots of love to you.

Kathy Woollum said...

Thanks Alicia! You deserve a "Grow Love" t-shirt, no doubt! Looking forward to seeing a picture of the ensemble :) Thanks so much for your kind words!

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