Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up and Other Stuff

The weekend wrapped up with a little bit of birthday festivities.  A birthday is never a birthday until the candles are lit and the birthday song sung.  So, that's a check and double check.  

 photo 9a4ed710-f7f3-455f-94a0-3aded32c54b2_zps34f34cc6.jpg

Dr. Fabulous and I bought a washer and dryer because our washer has been on the fritz and our dryer just died a week ago.  Needless to say, no laundry facilities for a family of six sort of blows.  Other than that, it was your garden variety sort of weekend with less running around now that soccer season has officially ended.  YAY!  


Today it flurried a little, sending Rella into a crazed snow-bunny lunatic.  She's trying to catch every snowflake that falls from the sky on her tongue.

We went back to the clothing closet for some volunteering this evening. A small group of girls from another group we participate in got to go "behind the scenes" of a local clothing closet. They sorted and hung the clothing donations.  It was a really nice thing.  

Even CB liked it. 

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kario said...

Lovely! I am so inspired by your family's service to others. Thank you.

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