Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

We experienced the ying and the yang this weekend - the celebration of life after life has gone, and the celebration IN life as it carries on, real-time.

We had my grandfather's Memorial on Saturday and after reminiscing and remembering, Dr. Fabulous and I had to attend his non-profit's big, annual Gala in Philadelphia. This is one of their main fundraising events of the year and also their 45th anniversary event!

The party, as always, was spectacular.  I found this amazing dress with a color I love at a great new local boutique. The best thing was that it was 50% off allowing me to buy 2 more sale dresses for the original budget of just one.  I love great finds that support local business owners!  And this dress, with my strappy super sparkly stiletto heels ($20.00 from Payless), got TONS of compliments all night long. I think because almost the entire room was wearing black and I was in Easter Egg lavender. The whole outfit head to toe cost me less than $50.00 and I don't think ANYONE would have guessed it at this super fancy soiree.

Yet Dr. Fab STILL continues to say I spend too much money. Ha! The man has NO idea what many women spend on themselves!

So, it always adds to the fun when you win one of their amazing raffle baskets.... which we did.

Despite the fact that everyone joked that the raffle MUST be rigged if the CEO won (second time winning in 3 years), I wish that were the case. Our strategy is to simply purchase hundreds of dollars worth of tickets, put them all in one basket and hope we get lucky. And, this year, we did.

Maybe my grandfather was pulling some strings too.


Elizabeth said...

You look outrageous! While I'm sorry to hear of your grandfather's death, I am so glad that you got to go out with your husband. I imagine you were the most beautiful woman there --

Christy said...

You are glowing - LOVE that dress, and the outfit's price tag. :-)

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