Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up : My Baby Is Six

 It was a Black Friday and Thanksgiving Weekend Birthday for my baby, Rella. Not a great time to get a party together, but a wonderful time to be with the family.  We celebrated in between Thanksgiving Dinner #1 and Thanksgiving Dinner #2 by spending the day at the ice skating rink.

Tink and I went ice skating last year with her Girl Scout troop. That was her first time and my first time since I was probably about 10.  We had tons of fun, but I only had HER to worry about. This time, it was going to be me against three, NONE of whom could skate.  The other girls have never been on roller or ice skates, deprived children they are.  Since Dr. Fab is a party pooper and stated early on that he would only be watching, not skating, we brought reinforcements - 2 pro-skating cousins and an aunt who provided lots of entertainment by falling on her ass with remarkable frequency.

It all went down as I would have predicted. Rella was not crazy about it ("This is really hawd!" she kept saying) but wouldn't give up even though she kept whining.  After 1 lap around the rink clutching the wall, Pink couldn't deal with the discomfort of her skates and her inability to perform perfectly after 8 seconds on the ice.  So, she quit.   

Tink, of course, laughed and fell and didn't give a crap and just had fun.

And Dr. Fab took photos and cheered everyone on and was basically a trooper as the only male amongst three children, 2 tweens, his chatty sister and his immature wife.  The man deserves a medal.

Rella has been counting down to her birthday literally since November 1st and I was so worried she'd be disappointed. We don't buy lots of gifts, and my slacker self hasn't planned her "friend party" yet so God knows when that will happen.  It was just skating and cake and pizza with some family.  Oh, and Jingles-the-God-Forsaken-Elf-on-the-Shelf made an early appearance just for her birthday. He usually doesn't arrive until Dec 1st.  Well, that's his goal... but usually he shows up mid-month. He's got issues.

Anyway, she seemed tickled. It's good to be 6, I guess.  I can't believe my youngest - my BABY - is 6.  I remember saying "When our youngest is 6, life will be so much easier."  And, honestly... it IS.

Monday before PM Kindergarten I surprised her with a birthday trip to Build A Bear - the place she WANTED to go on her actual birthday but I wasn't getting within 50 miles of a mall on Black Friday Weekend. So, we got there at 10 am and she built a bunny, not a bear.  Her first one ever.  Now she can't complain of a deprived childhood!

Meet "Alexa" the bunny. Who has an outfit that costs more than most of my own. And roller skates.  Everyone knows bunnies need roller skates.

She rushed off to school to celebrate over cookies with her friends - cookies I almost forgot to send in until Rella said as we rode the escalator down in the mall "Hey what about my birthday treat for school Mom?" Good Lord, you would think I could remember one thing! I've had a terrible string of forgetful fog over me lately, but I'm blaming it on this head cold.

I think the birthday extravaganza is officially over now. Except for the obligatory party with friends.  Hopefully, I will get that scheduled before Christmas.


Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to your littlest and Happy Birthing Day to you!

Claire said...

Awesome...but sometimes, I just don't know how you do it!

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