Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

The evening is coming to a close, the girls are playing gleefully in their bedroom waiting for me to start the bedtime ritual. I will, as soon as CB eats her way through a half pound of cheese and I try to squeeze in a blog post. They have dwindled because it's hard to find the time, so I suppose I'll just have to catch it when I can.

As a reward for working on my freelance deadline until midnight last night,  a glass of wine is waiting for me on my bedside table, next to a stack of the most random books that I probably won't get to before falling asleep. The wine is the dregs from last Tuesday's bookclub. Someone had to drink it before it went bad. Actually, it might well already BE bad given that six days have gone by, but my body is far from a sensitive one. My mamma raised me with lots of dirt and germs. Did me good.

Back to the random stack of books. I have 'Eleanor and Park', a middle grade book I recommended to my 14 year old niece and she has now lent it to me.  It is supposed to be very smartly written. Plus, what 40-something woman doesn't want to feel what it was like to be back in high school?  I have a chick lit book by Lisa Genova that my good friend from Virginia mailed to me weeks ago because the character reminded her so much of me. I have a handbook on how to help tweens navigate the social media waters called @Sophie Takes a #Selfie that I will be reviewing here very soon!

Stay posted for that!

Oh, and I also have a book entitled: "Your First Triathlon."

Yeah, because somehow I'm doing that — Training for a triathlon. It's a sprint distance, mind you. That's the shortest one they make. It's "only" a quarter mile swim in open water, a 10-mile bike ride then a 5K (3 mile) run. But no worries. It's 2 entire months away and I only just started training a few weeks ago.  Haven't swam in over 20 years and don't know how to swim yet without dying?  Don't own a bike and have only ridden on a stationary bike thus far? Need to train for a triathlon like I need a hole in my head?  Well, these things are true. I suppose I'll improve eventually, but at this point all this training is doing is making me tired, hungry and deeply humbled.

So, there hasn't been much blogworthy over here. Tink lost both front teeth and looks cute as a button. You could drive a tractor through her face. CB had a successful IEP meeting and we are requesting the return of her 1:1 aide. We'll see how that goes. Our family is planning a trip to Disney in the near future and Dr. Fabulous and I will hopefully heading for Nashville for a three-day, kid-free vacation.  The kids won't get out of school until June 25th due to all the snow.

Our weekend was a wash out but rain is far better than snow.  Though, when I left the house this morning at 6:50 am to take Pink to her weekly 7:00 am school band practice (and, why yes, that is quite an obnoxious hour now that you mention it) there was some sort of wintery mix falling from the sky.  It's like Old Man Winter just had show us who was boss on this last day of March.  Whatever. I think we're all just grateful that Spring is around the bend, even if it's not that warm yet and it's all rainy and overcast. It's amazing what you appreciate when you adjust to a new baseline.

That probably sort of catches us up a little bit.  Hope you all are doing well!

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