Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catching Up

Spring Soccer season has commenced as has my own training for my first triathlon. Like Fall, Spring is a busy time when this family runs around a bit. Between four kids in three different schools, two in swimming, two in soccer, three in art, two in girl scouts and one in tennis and a partridge in a pear tree we are seldom bored.

In between the running, there is the living.  Two missing top teeth for Tink. Her smile is ever altered.

But as she says, "Mom, I still rock the cuteness."
Not modest, that one. Not modest at all.

The sun has finally come out.  I think Spring is "springing" at long last.  Rella had fun finding the buds on the trees. We had a picnic lunch outside before she got on the afternoon bus today, because we were just that excited to be in the warm grass.

Weekends are soccer-oriented now, with games on both Saturday and Sunday.  Pink is meeting new girls on her team and we are meeting new moms and dads on the sidelines. 

"Who is that?" one of Pink's teammates asked looking over at CB as she swirled her beads and squealed sitting on a blanket. My ears pricked and I immediately did the I'm pretending like I'm not looking or listening but I really am thing. Of course, I was interested in how 9 year old Pink was going to manage the question.  She's had a lot of practice, but usually she just tells me what she says to her peers later.  I get the recap.

"Oh, that's my big sister," Pink said looking over at CB affectionately.  She offered nothing else but a smile, pure and genuine, that lingered on her face.

That's my Pink.

My husband is watching some disturbing, violent movie in the next room that is totally distracting so I gotta wrap this post up. I seriously need ear plugs. I hate that crap he watches.

Peace, out.

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kario said...

So glad the weather is cooperating for you all! I love the photos and I totally agree with you on what the husband watches. Mine is in to all of those violent, post-apocalyptic shows like The Walking Dead and Justified and Game of Thrones and I can't stand any of them. He is the sweetest, kindest, funniest man and I honestly don't understand what it is that interests him in those shows. I'm just glad our house is big enough for him to watch them on another floor!

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