Thursday, October 9, 2014


Mother-Daughter Selfies From the Autism Walk

 photo 1412894887_zps3e25ecf3.jpg

 photo 1412895004_zps17423774.jpg

 photo 1412895016_zps88e4ca64.jpg

 photo 1412895002_zpse397c2ae.jpg


Alison said...

Love your voice! Such sweet pics of you ladies :-)

Anonymous said...

Love this!! If you don't mind me asking. How do you do it? My daughter is only 3 and although still functions around a 6 month old. Even prefers to crawl though she can walk. She's very tiny, 23lbs, eats like a bird. So I can just carry her around. Your an amazing mother and a strong woman at that! Always enjoy reading your blog.

Alicia D said...

Im sure we can all learn from each other... we all look at each other and wonder "how do you do it?!?" I guess there are 2 answers... 1. We have to because if we don't, who will? (haha!) and also 2. Love. If you love, you can do the hardest of things. Im not saying it's easy and there surely are days that suck and things that suck... but we still all manage to do it - you and me and so many people out there leading less than "typical" lives!! :) I thank you so much for leaving your comment - I love hearing the stories of my readers and feel so grateful that you take the time to post a comment :) All the best!!

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