Friday, December 5, 2014

tHERsDay: O, Christmas Tree

CB spent the Thanksgiving weekend with her Dad and grandparents in Maryland. We waited until her return to trim the tree.

I haven't spent Thanksgiving with her since she was 8. It's ... I don't know. It's not ideal. It is what it is. It feels a bit more relaxed when she is in Maryland with the other side of her family. I'm not going to lie and say that her absence doesn't come with a little bit of a lightened load around here. But with the lightened load comes a bit of a heavier heart.

It is what it is. I'm glad she was here for the Christmas Tree Decorating.

Though she doesn't take part in hanging any ornaments, she seems to enjoy being in the room with us and soaking up the holiday energy.

The other girls take turns hanging CB's ornaments on the tree. They know she will attack the tree every day from here on out and there will probably be at least one broken ornament at her hands.  But for this one day, the tree is decorated and lit without incident.

All is good, merry and bright. I even got several shots with all four kids looking at the camera. Unprecedented.
A blessing, each and every time it happens.

 Oh yes. A blessing.


Sia said...

The girls look beautiful, just like their mama.

Elizabeth said...

I love seeing your girls all together. My heart pings and then aches a bit for you when you describe the ambiguity of having and not having C.B. spend the Thanksgiving holiday with her sisters. I know how hard that must be, and even hard in the relief. Love to you, always.

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