Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Remembering

This weekend we got a lot accomplished around the house. It was one of our few weekends that were not packed with activities and events, and we took full advantage of it to be domestically productive. We did get a babysitter for CB on Saturday morning and ventured out for one important, new tradition.  Volunteering at Wreaths of Remembrance.

Last year, we joined hundreds volunteers in the County's Veterans Cemetery to lay wreaths at the graves of the veterans. This event takes place the first Saturday of December each year, and we decided to make it a family tradition and part of our efforts to do charity work around the holidays.

This year, we had to forgo our school's Breakfast with Santa in favor of this event. But, the girls didn't complain. The weather was rainy and cold. But, the girls didn't complain. In fact, in spite of the weather, hundreds of volunteers turned out! Our boots were drenched, but the girls didn't complain. They get really "into" this! I'm grateful for their sweet hearts. 

After a brief ceremony honoring the soldiers, POWs and their families, volunteers set to work laying a wreath on every, single, solitary one of the nearly 1,200 graves. 

With each wreath laying, we read this card and took a moment to remember each and every veteran (or their spouse). It is an important lesson to teach the girls - that freedom is not really "free." That it is important to take moments to remember. That even in this time of excessive gifts and overstimulation and festivities, we can find small ways to give, step back, and be thankful. 

It's just a matter of taking that moment to remember. 


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful tradition. Don't you just love the time when your children grow up enough to truly appreciate the doing? You are raising such beautiful girls in every, single way.

Alicia D said...

Thank you so much :)

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