Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: See How We Run

This weekend we were running. Running around, running ragged, and running as in literally running.

After a long week for both Dr. Fabulous and myself, we ended up getting a very last minute opportunity to go to a charity gala. It was for a foundation supporting individuals with traumatic spinal cord injuries and was held in the gorgeous Rittenhouse over in Philly. Since I didn't have a dress that covered my newly acquired radiation burn, lymph node scar and blue tattooed dot on my chest (no time to shop for anything new and hadn't really thought about this stuff until 20 minutes before putting on something in my closet), I went into the evening feeling a little insecure. And, of course, tired both emotionally and physically from week 3 of radiation. But, once we were actually there? It was a very inspirational event and you recognize really quickly that some stupid scars and burns and a tiny dot in the center of your neckline really don't matter when you can use your arms and legs; walk, dance, run. I mean, it's humbling. There are incredible twists of fates that happen in this world, but when a spirit soars above it... it's just magic.


Saturday morning we were exhausted from a late night but had to spring into action for the first of two soccer games at 9:00 am. Soccer and Swimming are a constant this time of year. Starting this week, all three girls also began a new running program called the Healthy Kids Running Series. 

These are real, awarded, timed races held weekly where kids are divided into developmentally appropriate distances and then get to have that race experience while also keeping it really fun. 

CB hung with us and cheered. 

Rella ran the quarter mile with the Kindergarteners and First Graders. She had the eye of the tiger, with first place on her mind.

She came in second out of the girls (they do separate places by gender) and was super happy that her friend came in first. Though next time, she said she wanted to try to "beat her."

Tink ran the half-mile with the second and third graders. She was more laid back about the whole competition thing, but gave it her all because this kid can't do anything without applying herself to it wholeheartedly. We think she came in fourth, but not sure. I'm not sure she really cared, either.

CB won the pom pom shaking competition. She did a really awesome job sitting quietly on the sidelines and entertaining herself while her parents cheered and snapped photos and acted like fools.

Pink ran a mile with the 5th graders and Middle Schoolers.

She is so small, even for her grade. She looked so little out there. I was worried she'd start feeling upset during the run because she's my one who is prone to feel insecure and self-concious. She can be her own worst enemy sometimes.

But she looked great and she did an awesome job! She told me later that when the race first started, she was at the very back of the pack. She said she felt really embarrassed at first, but then told herself "You know what? Who cares! I'm just competing against myself." This made me very, very proud.

And, by the way, because she has such an awesome sense of pacing, she ended up passing a bunch of kids who came out of the gate way too fast. Just like I warned her NOT to do. She finished strong - mid-pack, with everything to be proud of. Especially that positive attitude and a good race plan.

They all did great out there and the day was absolutely gorgeous and sunny for the first time in forever. You know, running was always my "sport" as a kid, so I was tickled that the three of them were out there giving it 100%. I was especially proud of Pink who is really coming out of her shell this year and challenging herself to try new things. Even though CB didn't participate by running, it was so nice to have her at a community event to watch her sisters without it turning into a huge ordeal and stressor. That made the day so much better.

I too went out running this weekend and it felt freakin' awesome. I also got on my bike and did a 10 mile loop with a friend. She broke the ice by getting on her new road bike and biking for the very first time ever and I broke the ice just getting back on the bike again - haven't been on since October. Since we are both signed up for a triathlon in June, it was good we finally got out there. Now, I just have to get in the pool and build up my swim again. Why I do this to myself, I have no clue. But, whatever.

And THAT'S the weekend wrap-up folks. Running straight into another crazy week. I'm at the half-way point with radiation - three weeks down, three weeks to go.  It's a sprint to the finish and at this pace of life? I will be crossing that finish line before I know it.


Christy said...

What a cool group your kids are a part of! And I'd LOVE to bike with you one day soon. A ten mile loop sounds perfect. I'll text you.

Glad you got out to the gala - for getting glammm'ed up and having fun, and for the perspective.


Elizabeth said...

Your girls are so beautiful, and I particularly loved seeing CB with her pom poms a part of it all! I can't believe, actually, that you are living life as normal even while being treated with radiation. I know you hear it all the time, but you are an inspiration. I do hope you get some down time and are gentle with yourself!

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