Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: And Egg-ceptional One

The early Easter always takes me a little off guard, but it was a nice reprieve from the past couple weeks. We crammed in the traditional egg dying and Pastone-making literally the day before Easter. 

Dr. Fabulous talked me out of boiling the full set of 36 eggs, citing a 'wasted food' violation. So, I settled on 24, giving them 8 each. He came up with the idea of the kids donating half of their eggs to help make the traditional Italian Pastone dish, a layered breakfast pie consisting of ham, sausage, basket cheese (only available this time of year), and hard boiled eggs all baked in a pie crust. Then he quickly remembered how attached the girls get to their Easter eggs each year.

Every year there are tears over the fact that we can't keep Mr. Nasty or the "Bunny" egg as pets for the rest of our lives. They fail to understand that no, said eggs cannot live in the fridge indefinitely because they are food and food will eventually rot. This small fact matters not to them. 

This year was no exception when Rella announced that the blue bunny egg was now her pet forever and placed him in a tiny tupperware dish and Tink made a tiny egg family consisting of Grace and Roger (married) and Rob, their son, and a bunch of other egg dudes.

Pink, obviously, has matured beyond this....

Still, no eggs were sacrificed for the Pastone later that evening. Grandma had all the plain white eggs needed for the layering to begin.

Easter morning was cute as ever. Even though they are getting older, there is still magic. CB always spends Easter in Maryland, which is a bummer. It never really feels complete to have family celebrations without her, but her Maryland family loves and misses her too and Spring Break is a great time for them to get their CB-fix. I assured the little girls that the Easter bunny knew where to find CB and filled her basket with beads and pom poms!

Rella was so excited about Easter because she is a huge fan of bunnies.  Any kind of bunny — real, stuffed, big, small... if it's a bunny, she loves it. Easter is her time of year. The thing she wanted most was the Easter Bunny's autograph... or as she calls it "ordergraph." She got it, along with a few other fun things.

For the past four years, we have been going to our neighbor's huge Easter Morning Egg Hunt and Brunch. They invite their large family plus friends, which includes our whole street. This ends up topping out at about 60 people. It's huge, it's awesome, it's now our family tradition. I told the hostess, Angela, that even if she stops inviting us, my kids would just show up on her doorstep because they now think this is THEIR family tradition.

This amazing yard is one of the best ever for an egg hunt. Plus, Angela always has mimosas flowing. I think I drank half the punch bowl this year. It's been that kind of week.

Easter weekend was a nice break from my first two weeks of daily radiation. Daily meaning Monday through Friday with every weekend off. The first two weeks were actually tougher than I thought and I'll write more about that some other time. Let's just say for now, this weekend was a great time to regroup and regain emotional balance.

When this party ended, we hopped over into PA for some more egg hunting in another fabulous yard — my mom and step-dad's.

Easter day finished with a family dinner, more egg hunting and special baskets, and good food. It was a good day, and helped me get my head together for week 3 of radiation on Monday. Nothing like a little family time to heal the soul.

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