Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Mother's Day

This week was one big, fat, celebration. After Monday's festivities, the week continued to be full of love, well-wishes, toasts and hugs and lots of fun. There were lunch dates with friends, mani/pedis with more friends, and bus stop mimosas the first morning that I officially had no where to go. There was a day at the winery with my writer's group and there was dinner in Philly with my Mom and there were random flower deliveries, wine deliveries, cards and goodies left on my doorstep... and surprise visits from old friends. One friend whom I haven't seen in years surprised me at a group lunch, driving from about 40 minutes away. I was so touched and happy to see her! On Friday, a friend who co-founded the Writer's Group with me but recently moved, drove about 2 hours to surprise me during our Writer's Group celebration at a local winery. When I saw her walking across the vineyards with her big smile and flower in hand, I just about freaked! 

My friend Julie, a writer, blogger and all around great friend. Check out her blog 365 Excuses and you'll find yourself laughing and totally relating!

It was an awesome week that ended with the nicest celebration of all -  Mother's Day. Could it get more perfect than that?

Because THIS is what it's all about. Everything I do is for these girls, period.

It was the customary shenanigans over here on Mother's Day. Honestly, it was probably the nicest and most relaxing Mother's Day I've had in a long while. The girls made me pancakes - and actually MADE them all by themselves this year (with Dr. Fab manning the hot griddle). I would have been able to sleep in had CB not woken me up at 6:30 am. But, that was actually okay because I'd rather have her here waking me up on Mother's Day than have her be in Maryland and one of my little girls gone from the nest.

I cried reading each one of the homemade cards the girls made in school. Each one had some kind of cheesy poem about how they'll be grown up one day and the little handprints will be gone, and yadda yadda... insert me crying here... and here and here. It was pretty comical how much of a sap I was. 

In the early afternoon, I indulged in an 80 minute massage which was a huge treat. The day ended with dinner and drinks with some family. I did have to handle one dirty diaper, but other than that, it was a pretty awesome day.

My sister had sent me a dozen pink roses for Mother's Day which I added to the dozen white roses given to me by my in-laws to congratulate me on the end of treatment. I added them to the three bouquets of flowers I received this past week from various sweet friends. I have never been the recipient of so many flowers in my life as I have been these past few months. At any point in time since January there have been fresh flowers in my home, given to me by a friend or family member to just let me know they were thinking of me. Not a day goes by where I don't appreciate this in the deepest part of my heart. It's an amazing thing to feel so supported by a community of women. The sisterhood of motherhood. We all get it. 

Mother's Day ended the Week O' Celebration. Now, we're back to the daily grind of living. I'm totally ready to stop being spoiled and just go back to normal life... a little bit wiser, a little bit stronger, a lot more appreciative of how lucky I am... in so, so many ways.


Christy said...

You are amazing. I would love to get together for that lunch at Blue Plate any day now!!! Fabulous post - brought a tear to my eye! xoxo

Julie said...

Awe. You are so sweet for the plug. I was happy to be there -- seeing the look on your face was worth the drive (and the wine too). No distance would have kept me away from celebrating with you!! Well, maybe 1,000 miles would be too far... ;) #iwoulddrive500miles Just wish it could have been a longer visit -- I feel there was so much more to catch up on! Look forward to seeing you again.

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