Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Prom, Baby!

Another year, another Prom!! This was our fifth year going to Prom and it was just as beautiful and fun as all the rest. 

We braved a strapless dress... you long time readers may remember the streaking incident of Prom 2010. (Click to read that one AND see how pretty and happy she looked!!)
This time, we were all on guard for wardrobe malfunctions.  

A girl is never fully dressed without some pom poms.

The ladies at her school did her hair. Thank Goodness, because I am entirely inept in the whole hair and make up girly thing. Her updo survived a long hot bus ride home, a bath and a nap. I had to shove a few extra bobby pins in, but I think she looked quite lovely!! 

I also let her borrow my grandmother's necklace. It was one of the few items of jewelry I inherited several years ago when she passed. It was nice to have a little reminder of my beloved grandma on prom night.

Quick Mommy n' Daughter Selfie before heading in!

We met her Dad and her grandparents there and she was so excited to see them. 

CB's grandmother, grandfather and mother (as in ME!!) have all battled cancer within the past few years. This kid was sitting at a table of fighters, which makes total sense 'coz she is a tough cookie too!

It was a fantastic night that wouldn't be possible without the compassionate, dedicated volunteers at CB's school who always put together a fantastic party fit for the princesses and princes at the school. 

The best part of the night is seeing so many of the kids cuttin' up the dance floor. I swear, my smile hurts my face every year. CB typically sits in her seat the whole night, but she did bum rush the stage at one point. Seems she found the raffle baskets that were lined up in front of the DJ and attacked one. 
Ironically, we ended up winning this very basket which made me feel quite relieved given that she had mauled it. Maybe, on some level, she knew it was going to be ours!

The great thing about Prom is that there are no apologies needed for your child's behavior. It's the one night a year where everyone who is in the same boat shares that boat with you. Everyone gets it. And, I don't mean just "get it" as in understanding all the behaviors. I mean they get it as in the bigger picture. 

Nights like this remind us what it's all about. 

Despite the challenges of raising a daughter who needs life long care, the rewards are immeasurable. 
And nights like these, unforgettable. 


Moira said...

Thank you for sharing this! CB was so pretty and her mom too!! Alicia- you are amazing!

Elizabeth said...

I always love reading the prom post. You and CB look gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

I always love reading the prom post. You and CB look gorgeous!

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