Monday, November 9, 2015

Birthday In The Big Easy

I've never been to New Orleans. So, when Dr. Fabulous had a conference there, I had to go with him to check out the food, music, and nightlife. I mean, you just HAVE to, right? Bonus, it was going to be the week of my birthday so it was a perfect way to celebrate.

Dr. Fabulous had to attend the conference all day for most days. But, we did get the opportunity to walk around. We'd grab lunch together and tried all the signature New Orleans food like Muffalettas and Beignets. I ate lots of seafood, which I really never have the opportunity to do in Jersey, other than sushi. When he was being all professional during the day, I'd go for a run then walk around exploring. By day, I felt very safe. At night? Not so sure I'd be out alone, but I'm a chicken like that.

We went to Bourbon Street one night with some friends. It. Was. Wild.

And one day, I enjoyed outdoor music and some beers in the middle of the afternoon, enjoying my own company. When do I ever get to do that? Seriously, never. I think that was one of my favorite days.

We didn't take the kids and my in-laws were wonderful enough to watch them and get them to school and all their activities. They're the best. On our last night there, it was actually the day BEFORE my birthday, Dr. Fab and I went out to an amazing dinner at The Commander's Palace. I highly recommend if you find yourself in New Orleans.

So, it's my birthday dinner night and we're out at this incredible, five star restaurant and we get a phone call from my mother-in-law that Pink has injured her arm at soccer practice. The entire dinner we are taking turns on the phone, talking to her, then talking to Pink, then calling our friend who is an orthopedist who graciously sees her at 9:00 pm that night and puts her in a splint. Then talking to her some more. What a relaxing, celebratory, enjoyable dinner!

And the next morning, my actual birthday, we were flying home. Our plane was super delayed so we were in the airport for hours. My mother-in-law took Pink to the doctor for an X-ray. Turns out, she had a buckle fracture on her growth plate so she was casted for 4 weeks.  

Last year Pink was vomiting in the back seat of the minivan on my birthday when she got sick (the three little ones were all sick, actually). My birthday is apparently bad luck for my children. 

But, despite the long, emotionally exhausting day, it was a good birthday... because I came home to great big love. 

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