Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up: Our Last First Holy Communion

Well, we had our last little girl celebrate her First Holy Communion. It was, like all the "last times," a little bittersweet. But to her? It was all sweet.

We had a super busy week, stuff after school until about 9:00 pm every night that week... which is basically par for the course in the Fall and Spring. Friday night, Dr. Fabulous and I had another black tie affair, our third hospital gala ('tis the season) which would be all fine and dandy if I didn't have to be out of the house at 8:45 am the following morning with a primped little princess and 30 people coming to my house for lunch afterwards.

Hectic? I guess. Or, you could say it makes your life feel full and rich and happy. 
So what if you're a little tired? Sleep is overrated. Just ask CB. She has been up all night for the past several weeks!

So, the morning was very special and the girls and boys looked so cute... not that it's about how you look... but nevertheless, it was an adorable bunch all spit-polished and fancy!

So, this "time stamp" on my photographs is killing me. I couldn't find my camera charger for my nice 35 mm Canon. Of course, it didn't help that I was looking for it the morning of ... when it was all crazy up in here. So, Pink's like "Mom, you can use my camera," which was a very nice gesture but #1 I don't really know how to use her camera (which is a nice one, by the way) so half the pictures were blurry and garbage and #2, I didn't realize she has this freakin' time stamp feature and it's on every single photo. I tried my best to edit it out of most, but still. So annoying. I shoulda just used my phone camera instead. Whatev.

It was cold and raining that Saturday morning... then it turned into SNOW.  Yes, snow in mid-April. What the heck? It ended up being 1 to 2 inches. It was crazy and nixed the outside pictures...but it looked really pretty.

Pink was dying to make Rella's cake. I was initially all stressed and grumpy about it as it would surely cause much more work and chaos than just ordering a cake and picking it up. Then, the wise Dr. Fabulous said "Enjoy these moments while we have them." He was right. She did an awesome job, she enjoyed herself, and it turned out absolutely beautiful. And, honestly, other than getting her the supplies? She did every single thing herself. The roses are sculpted out of fondant and the cross freehand cut out of fondant too. Inside was pink velvet and white cake. I was super proud of her.

And, I was super proud of my baby girl. My baby is 8 and celebrating yet another milestone. Life is going by so fast, but I'm enjoying getting to know my girls and watching them grow into amazing people.

And I really enjoyed the fact that the snow cancelled all the Fall travel soccer try-outs on Sunday so we had a complete sleep in, stay in pjs, veg-out day. It. Was. Awesome.

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Linda said...

Beautiful photos. :)

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