Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dear Cancer, Bite Me. A 1-Year Anniversary Post

Today, May the Fourth, marks my "One Year Cancer Survivor" anniversary. I don't know how these anniversaries technically work, but this is the day I selected. I didn't want to pick the day I was diagnosed, since that day was a total buzzkill. Not feeling like celebrating THAT bull crap. I could have selected January 20th since that was my surgery day, and the day technically all cancerous tissue was excised from my body. 

But, I always thought the day that most commemorated me kicking Cancer's stupid a** was the final day of my 30-day radiation treatment. The final step in a five month journey. The. End.

I'm not gonna lie. It was also cool to have it on Star Wars Day. "May the Fourth Be With You." You know I love me some metaphor and serendipity.

The past few weeks, I've been seeing those "Facebook Memories" pop up on my page. You know, where they show you a post or picture from one, three, five years ago and you're all like "Wow, I remember that!" Well, the posts that have been popping up are reminding me that this time last year, I was coming to the end of my 6 weeks of daily radiation treatment. I affectionately refer to it as "Bell Ringing Day." 

Yeah, I rang that mo' fo'. 

When I read those old Facebook statuses, what stands out to me is an immense feeling of gratitude, even then. I remember that gratitude with such emotional clarity. In fact, it is still present today. Grateful for amazing friends, for a supportive and compassionate community, and the family that came to support me when I needed it. If I was strong and positive during it all, I deserve little credit. Strong is easy when no one ever lets you fall.

So, in celebration of the tremendous support I received throughout that five month journey, I volunteered with Hearts United Against Cancer this morning. I remember receiving one of their beautiful Care and Comfort Bundles right after my surgery and how loved I felt. Last May, I began volunteering with the organization so I could be a part of paying that support forward. It's been one of the most rewarding things I have been a part of. 

Dr. Fabulous has to work really late tonight, but I'll be celebrating my "One Year" with these little clowns. 

Grateful. Happy. Strong. And far better now than I ever was before. Because every bump in the road just makes us stronger. And being together makes us the strongest. 

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Megan Love said...

This is fantastic; thanks for sharing! You're amazing! :) xoxo

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