Thursday, February 19, 2009

Signing The Dotted Line

Today is the BIG day. Well, one of the big days of many big days. We are signing on the dotted line with the Realtors tonight. They are photographing the inside and outside of the house. A sign will be going up in the very near future. Our house will be officially "on the market" in a matter of days. Collective sigh, collective agh! It's a little experiment... how much money will we lose? How many days will it be on the market? We should have a betting pool on this one to add to the excitement. I'm getting a giant headache right now.

Again, the whole "keeping the house clean" thing is driving me mad, which is really only one exit away from sanity if I'm being candid. Back to the point... clean house = impossible. Part of this is because it's insane to think a severely disabled fecal smearing teen, a 3 and 4 year old and "Destructo Force" 14 month old can function in this house for more than 5 minutes without spilling, breaking, wrecking, messing, or de-alphabetizing everything in their paths. The other part is that I'm a bit, um, fanatical with the housecleaning when company comes to call. On any given day my house is a pig sty, but if anyone is going to set foot in this house, the OCD in me comes out and I'm dusting, mopping, bleaching grout, using a Q-tip to clean out crevices. It's ridiculous. In fact, they are taking photos so of COURSE I have to clean out my refrigerator and inside of my microwave. Naturally.

My husband jokes (with a hint of jealousy) that I care more about cleaning my house for total strangers than for my spouse and children. Yes, that is correct. I won't lie. But why is this? I don't know. I guess I care more about how others perceive me than I should. Perhaps, if I try hard enough to make everything look "normal" and convince others that I'm living on the same planet, that one day, I'll believe it too.

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