Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still Waters Run... Deep? Ramblings Of An Atrophied Mind

What does "Take It With a Grain of Salt" actually mean?

I know how to use this age-old saying in its appropriate context, but what is the origin? The literal interpretation if you will? "A Stitch In Time Saves Nine" and " The Early Bird Catches The Worm" I get. But what is this salt. Taking the salt.... Are you supposed to eat a grain of salt? Count the salt? Ponder the salt? Cook with the salt? Take it without permission? Is it ocean salt, table salt, kosher salt.... what?? What is the significance of this SALT?!?!? Very perplexing...


tiffrutherf said...

My version of the "Salt thing"...from my understanding its this: A grain of salt is so tiny, so insignificant you'd miss the dang thing with the naked eye if there weren't a billion of them together. So when someone give you bad advice or says some crappy comment, treat it like you would a grain of salt; (which 105% the time you wouldn't even know it existed on its own and would not miss it if it was gone), ignore it...Now if you get a bunch of those grains of salt (i.e. bad advice or crappy comments) do what you would do to anything that has too much salt, spit it out and smack the cook; (I'm kidding) throw it in the trash!! Just my thought.

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

ahhhh, this makes TOTAL sense! thank you thank you! ive been enlightened :) .

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