Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Kidding?

I don't know HOW I managed to leave this part out of my recent Snow Day post. Probably, because it is the kind of anecdote that highlights my level of intelligence (or lack thereof).

So, my husband was out on Sunday for his "free day." We try to give each other some "away" time every so often on a weekend just to recharge our respective batteries. Sunday, my husband was going out for a few hours in the late afternoon and then on to see an early movie. Incidentally, he was going out the night of one of this area's biggest "snow falls" in years. Now, for those of you in Minneapolis and upstate New York and Utah and stuff, this is laughable. But, here in the Tri State area, 6-10 inches causes sheer panic. So, he called at about 4:00 pm to tell me he'd need to miss the movie and come home early because he forgot to get the Snow Blower out of our shed. He didn't want to do it when he returned home because it would be pitch dark (we have a big, unlit yard) and snowy/slippery.

Me, the ever loving wife, said "Oh, that's silly! Don't miss your movie! I'll go get it. What does it look like?" He answers "It looks like a snow blower."
I show off my expertise by asking if it was handheld ( I guess I was picturing a leaf blower) to which he replied "No, it's big, cumbersome, heavy and black. You'll have a hard time moving it. In fact, you might not be able to do it."
I became indignant... "Of course I can move it. I can push a shopping cart with a zero turn radius loaded with 100 pounds of groceries, a baby sitting in front, a kid hanging on one side and another hanging on the back. I think I can manage a snow blower. So, WHAT does it look like? "

"It's a snow blower. You can't miss it. You'll see it when you walk into the shed."

Seemed simple. I walked into our shed, moved the deflated blow-up pools and bikes aside and saw a large black thing you push. Looked like a snow blower to me! Great. I rolled it out of the shed, across the lawn and it into the garage - No problem. I didn't know what all his worry about. It wasn't that heavy or cumbersome. I must really be seeing the effects of my workouts! Go Me!

My husband arrived home at 8:oo pm as the snow was beginning to stick. I was quite sure I saved the day by moving that snow blower inside the garage for him. He entered the house with a bemused and slightly annoyed look on his face. It was then that I learned how much of a girly girl I really am.

I hear a sarcastic voice calling to me: "What am I supposed to do? MOW the snow?"

Turns out THIS was a LAWNMOWER....


Any Questions?????

Yeah. This is typical ME by the way. In a nutshell. So, my husband had to go out in the pitch black, icy snow fall and fetch said snow blower anyway... and it WAS indeed difficult to move, as he had promised.
The real tragedy is after all that drama, the stupid dumb snow blower didn't even WORK! Well, when asked to find the shovel, at least I was able to pick THAT out of a line up.


Jen - Swisscake Mama said...

Okay that was really funny...mostly because it sounds exactly like something I would do.

tiffrutherf said...
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tiffrutherf said...

I'm from Michigan, we actually use both of these during the winter...lol!!

Michelle said...

Oh Boy, I needed a good laugh.. Thanks for that one!

BeckyO2001 said...


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