Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Most Beautiful Version Of "Landslide" You'll Ever Hear

One of my favorite bloggers, Elizabeth over at A Moon, Worn As If It Had Been A Shell posted a beautiful piece (well, everything she writes is beautiful) about a public school's chorus in Staten Island. It was the first time I saw this video of the kids singing one of my favorite songs; "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac.

I just tear up every time I hear them sing the line: "Can I handle the seasons of my life... I don't know..."

We don't know, do we? But this video makes you believe they can and they will. Beacause they have music, love, hopes and dreams. They have something positive on which to focus, positive mentors, and something to feel good about.

As Elizabeth says, no matter what political party you may belong to, cutting the arts from public programs wouldn't allow for this. Read her original post, which is much better than mine, and the rest of her blog here.

Listen here, or over there, and enjoy ...


michelle said...

Just the opening chords make me tear up and give me chills. That song was playing in the O.R. when I had my third child by c-section. I listened to the song in the awareness that this was my last baby. I sobbed as I listened to the words and heard my daughter cry for the first time.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

That is so touching. Thanks for posting it.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Some songs are just timeless, aren't they? I wonder why the choice to have them sit in seats like that. It makes me think perhaps there are some kids with ADHD issues or something and we all needed to stay in our personal space. Just a guess. And it if is accurate, look how still and engaged they were. Music is therapautic. So are loving,enthusiastic teachers!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

O.K. I just read this and watched the video on your site, and I'm crying again! Thanks for the "blog advertisement!"

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