Friday, April 16, 2010

Orbiting The Planet

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The Question has been posed: Where Have You Been?

I am sorry. I had fallen off the planet and was temporarily orbiting the atmosphere.
I can't officially say I've landed yet, though I think I feel my feet touching down.

I have missed so many posts: about Easter, Rella's antics, the 2 weeks of stomach flu that ripped through our entire family... that was good for my second blog hiatus.

What's going on now? There is lots to catch up on but mostly it's the same. For instance, Rella is Rella. Into the fireplace ashes or the cream cheese container. You know, typical Tasmanian Devil whirling dervish type stuff.

I hosted Easter dinner and didn't poison anyone.

Had an egg hunt and everything! Aren't these little felt baskets so cute? From the Dollar Spot at Target...

My desserts were a bust, but the ham was good. Thank God for the Amish. They know how to make a ham not even I can screw up.

CB has not gotten into her diaper the past few weeks (cue the angels singing). The giant "onesie" is working. Instead, she's up to new tricks, like busting out screens if we dare open a window on a nice day... pulling out all of the dresser drawers until the whole dresser topples over onto the floor (or onto her)... emptying out 3 sunscreen containers onto the carpet and smearing them in like finger paint. She must be taking lessons from Rella. It's like, she isn't fecal smearing so she's just replacing it with other destructive schemes.

It's amazing I don't suffer from migraines. But I may be on the verge of a drinking problem.

Oh, and remember all my car issues? Let me recap: In the past 6 months I was
1) in a car accident involving a parked car opening their door into me as I drove past(about $1,500 in damages to my car).

Then 9 days later
2) I backed into a parked car,

then a week after THAT,
3) I hit a pole with the remaining "good side" of my minivan (on the way to the claims adjuster nonetheless). Then,

4) I ripped the leather seat in my HUSBAND'S leased car with a stupid metal nail file in my back pocket. Then,

5) My husband sideswiped a parked car (600$ of damage paid out of pocket),

Then a few weeks later
6) He clipped a rock retaining wall and blew out a 400$ tire which we replaced just in time for

7) a tree to fall on our car and annihilate it (after it hit our newly built home we only inhabited for about 7 weeks).

Now, let's add THIS to our "6 month run of bad car karma" list:

8) I backed into ANOTHER parked car. This time, I slammed MY new minivan into my HUSBAND'S car, parked right behind me in our own driveway.

Ummmmmm.... What is there to say....

To those 3 men out there who read my blog "Aren't you glad you're NOT married to ME?!?!"

At some point, the ridiculous just becomes flat out pathetic.

I may have to voluntarily revoke my own drivers licence. If you see me on the road, my advice is to maintain a safe driving distance. I cannot be trusted.


Single Dad / Disabled Daughter said...

Ummm, yes?

michelle said...

Maybe a horse?

Anonymous said...


I am one of those people who have been wondering how you are doing!

I HATE to hear about all of the crap with the cars. I HAVE to ask: when you backed into the hubby's vehicle, how did he react. I did that once to my soon-to-be-ex's car. He usually never parked behind me but did this one day. Barely touched it. He had MELTDOWN.

Should have known, way back then ....

I am guessing your hubby reacted in a much more mature fashion. YES???


Anonymous said...

For your daughter CB, maybe you should try to incorporate some fingerpainting nights or "day at the spa" days to help relieve that sensory input she maybe looking for! I came across your blog through another blog, I have a lower functioning daughter and deal with some of the messes you do especially the fecal smearing and most disgusting of all the smearing of her monthly visits! Gross, I know!

We live over in Langhorne pennsylvania, but saw you live in NJ, we have family friends over there who are apart of an organization that has a lot of autism events coming up. Have you ever heard of They seem to have a lot of resources that may be helpful for you. I'm thinking about taking my daughter for the drive for one of their walks.

How old is your daughter?

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

The stomach flu visited our home recently as well! So glad that's over with - I'm sure you are too. Your Easter table looks beautiful! And I totally feel for you with backing up into your husband's car - I did that to a co-worker's car a few years ago - ugh!

Alicia DiFabio said...

Hi Leah,
No, my husband handled it extremely well, given the circumstances. he knows I beat myself up mentally far worse than anything he could do or so. Plus, he's just a very good guy like that. My ex-husand though, would have (bc he always did) go ballistic on me :(. Trust me, there are guys out there that don't rake you over the coals for every mistake you make, and I was lucky enough to find one :)

though i AM testing his limits right now with this run of car accidents.... ;)

Alicia DiFabio said...

Hi Anonymous :)
Thanks for the nice message! My daughter will be 15 in May. And yes, I know the whole "menses and fecal smearing" all too well.... good times, good times ;)

Langhorne is not too far from south jersey. and yes, I am familiar with POAC. I dont really hear about their events though. I have to (embarrassedly) admit that I am not as "gung ho/advocating/super involved" in the autism stuff as I was when CB was younger... I dont know if im burned out or if the 3 other children just distracted me! But, Im trying to get more involved again. I really should go to the poac webpage and learn more about them again :)

If you ever want to shoot the sh*t about... sh*t... :) feel free to email me anytime at :)


Raine said...

omg. You have got to stay away from parked vehicles! That is terrible!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my god. I've missed you so much. Please don't go away again.

Cinda said...

So glad to catch up! I am happy tonight to read of your adventures and thoughts! Cinda

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