Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

The long, holiday weekend was great.  It was perfect "summer" weather and the perfect combination of fun, family, friends, and relaxation.  Our pool opened and we went there several times to cool off from this uncharacteristic May heat.  We went to an awesome party/cookout where the kids and adults had a blast but we also did our regular things like go to church and the coffee shop and lounge around the house a little.  The perfect combination of all things good.

After the Memorial Day parade we went to the pool and I watched Dr. Fabulous play with the squealing girls under a cloudless sky and thought that I am the luckiest person in the world.  I have these thoughts daily, but sometimes they overwhelm me like a tsunami of emotion coming from the deepest and most wounded place inside.  

The place that was empty for so much of my life that has now been filled.  Five times over.

I am the luckiest person in the world.  I mean, we do well and live a comfortable life, but we are not wealthy and cannot afford to be "loose and free" with financial matters.

We have wonderfully behaved, loving children but they are certainly not easy (as they are often labeled) nor perfect.

Dr. Fabulous and I have a great marriage and are true best friends but we are humans and don't skip through a bed of roses under a rainbow and our marriage takes constant attentiveness.

We have a nice social life, but we sort of 'float around' with many different groups of people and know everyone, yet we don't "belong" quite with any tight knit group and you won't find us out and about at all the "in crowd" stuff in our town.

In short, our life is nothing extraordinary, glitzy, amazing or noteworthy.  Nothing that would look good in the pages of a glossy magazine, nothing to boast about around the Mommy water cooler or would make people green with envy when voyeuring in on Facebook.

But that is the thing - to ME it's the grandest most amazing, fulfilling life ever.  It hits me most in the small moments, in the ordinary days, in the whispers between the commonplace.

This life is mine and I am so in love with everything about it and so grateful to be blessed with it.  There is nothing I would change.  There is nothing it lacks.  There are stressors and challenges, I'm not going to lie, but they really aren't that bad and definitely are surmountable, manageable and soul building. The stressors and challenges allow the ordinary to feel extra special.

I guess you need the salty and the bitter and the sour in order to fully appreciate the deliciousness of the sweet.


kario said...

Beautiful! I love the gratitude with which you approach your life and while it may not be something to display in a glossy magazine, I've heard that those enormous ups come with the attendant humongous downs, so I think you are all on the right track.


Elizabeth said...

You are wonderful and teach me so much.

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