Friday, July 13, 2012

A Little Yellow Bus

It all happened so fast.  She was here, waiting for her little yellow school bus at 7:45 am on Monday morning.  The first time she ever boarded a school bus in her life.   

I was too distracted to put much pre-thought into this monumental occassion.

So, before I could scarecly click the shutter a few times on the camera, she was here and gone.  Like a pro.

I guess after sending three other little girls before her on the bus, I have  somewhat acclimated.  I remember the tears and heartache with CB, but then again she was only 3 when she started being bussed to school 5 days a week.  It was like she skipped over the relaxing days of childhood and went right to work.  Plus, she was completely non-verbal which is always worrisome when she's in the care of others.

It wasn't until 5 minutes after the exhaust of the bus drifted into the sky and I nuked the morning pancakes for the rest of the girls that I realized...

Holy crap, Rella just boarded a bus and is gone.  It was weird.

In 3 insanely short hours she was back home all smiles and sillies and jabbering in her little "Ewok-speak" about her day.

She was missed, and not only by me.

It's the little things that make her feel like a big girl... such as her own "Take Home Folder" and packing her snack in a lunchbox.  

Rella had a great first week and transitioned really well into her summer language Pre-K program like she'd been doing it all her whopping 4 years of life.  You gotta love it when the last one of your little ducklings is resilient like that.

I asked her last night "So, tell me about the kids in your class."

She said "Wewl, my bess fend Kisstina ish weally, weally nice, but I no unnerstaahn anysing she say"  Which made me crack up.  I'm pretty sure "Kisstina" doesn't really understand Rella either, but just like true friends they somehow just "get" each other.

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kario said...

So great! I love that she got a goodbye kiss from her sister and that she came home so excited. I hope she continues to enjoy it.

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