Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday morning we headed out to Citizen Bank Park in Philadelphia so Dr Fabulous could cash in his long awaited 40th birthday present - driving behind the wheel of a Ferrari.  

He LOVES cars, but is too practical to purchase one (and too inept at and uninterested in fixing up an old one) so I thought I'd at least get him behind the wheel of his favorite car for 3 laps around a closed driving course.  I was worried he'd be too "sensible" to get the car past 80, but he gunned that sucker down the straightaway and the tires actually squealed going around the curve.  

That's my man.  
If you only get one shot at something (and hopefully this won't be his one and only shot) 
at least live it up to the max.  

Afterwards we went to a tapas restaurant for lunch and talked, over a white wine, pear and rosemary sangria, with the enthusiasm of two people who are just starting to date 
and haven't been married for 9 years.  

After the week we've both had since returning home from vacation, this was a nice wedge of respite from all our responsibilities.  


Elizabeth said...

I think your husband is far better looking than that car. Happy Birthday to him and many blessings for your continued happy marriage!

kario said...

I love birthdays that keep on giving! And I love that you two got away for a while. Here's hoping this coming week will be better for all.

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