Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nesting Nonsense

I've been nesting the past few days, much like I was in my 9th month of pregnancy. 
Laziness is being replaced with an insatiable need for order and beauty and cleanliness.  Sometimes you can fool yourself that everything is a-okay if you don't look beyond the end of your nose when really everything is simply one hot mess.

I'm finding things in the laundry room - a veritable time capsule.  I think I have discovered one random sock for each child's developmental stage.  I'm cleaning out coat closets and putting order to all the girl's closets.  I'm systematically throwing out 80% of PInk's collected junk when she's not looking because she is such a pack rat and I can't deal anymore.  

I'm obsessing over organization blogs and dreaming of the perfect broom closet, shoe rack and fridge.  The girls are unaware of my freaky new compulsion (that I'm sure won't last long)
 and summer is going on as usual.  

Rella has had a great first 2 weeks at pre-K and has her own obsession with our new neighbor's 5 year old daughter.  We've decided to dig a tunnel underground and let the girls run back and forth all day.

We frequent our fun little pool Monday through Friday and this is the first year I can actually ignore my children and they won't drown because of my lack of parenting.

I'd like to think that my productivity during the UNproductivity summer inspires has to do with my intense need to get myself on the ball for the impeding school year and turn over a new household leaf.  But, ironically, this all started when our septic tank overflowed into our front yard for the 2nd time in 8 months.  There's nothing like human feces all over your front lawn and a SECOND $400 septic pumping bill in less than a year to motivate one to clean up their literal waste matter 
and get their house in order.  

Or change our toilet paper to one-ply sandpaper, which sadly we did.  

And on that note, peace out.  


Elizabeth said...

Is that what this compulsion to clean up and out is? Nesting?

I feel it so strongly these days and almost wish for a magical NEW nest to descend from the heavens.

Anelisa Del Gaone said...

I probably nest everyday. Clutter makes me insane and I also have 50 pairs of either mismatch or one missing pair kids socks.
Glad the girls are enjoying the summer!!

michelle said...

Funny, I'm doing the same thing. I cleaned out our little junk...(I mean front) room to make an art studio for Mia in what will probably be a feeble attempt to keep her tons of stuff from being spread all over every room in the house.

You're girls look very happy.

kario said...

Oh, septic tanks. I don't miss ours at all.

Even after moving our entire household, I'm still in purge and declutter and organize mode. It's exhausting and gratifying all at the same time.

Good luck continuing to to hide your purging from Pink. Lola is a total pack rat, too, but she's taken to not letting me in her room unless she's there. Guess she caught on...

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