Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So Small In The Big, Big World

One of my favorite times of the day is when Rella gets off of her little yellow preschool bus at 3:30.  She is bussed to and from my doorstep which is a great perk of having her classified with the district. For several weeks now, I have been standing on my front porch exchanging waves with the bus driver instead of meeting her right at the bus door. I always smile so big watching her walk across our long front lawn with her dishelveled hair and disproportionately large backpack hanging off of her shoulder. Silhouetted momentarily by the towering bus, the huge expanse of forrest with 80 foot trees looming all around her. It's a moment where she looks so very small in the great big world.  

Her little strut in this big, big world just slays me.

The girls have taken to their hot water bottles, a gift from their Papi. He was filling them up and sticking them under their covers to warm their toes while Dr Fabulous and I were away in Florida. Apparently, he used to deliver hot water bottles to all 5 of his own children every night to warm their feet. Now, our home has suddenly adopted this tradition as our own. I'm kinda jealous and might want one for MY toes!


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I love this site because it has a big focus on family philanthropy. They also have many craft, family fun, food and lifestyle articles as well - something for everyone! 

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Maggie May said...

I so much love your eye on the little strut in a big world- that's exactly what I think when I see my Ever walk.

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