Friday, April 18, 2014

Kicking off Spring Break

It's the first day of Spring Break!  Everyone is pretty psyched about some family time and some sleeping in.  But before school let out there was the adorable Kindergarten Spring Concert. 

Out of tune singing, and cuteness galore.  My last Kindergarten concert ever.  It made me kinda sad.

CB headed to her Dad's in Maryland for her Spring Break.  
Her new stim has to do with flashcards.... dumping them out of the box, putting them back in.  
There are a million flashcards all over the place.

On this first day, Good Friday, the girls were scheduled to have haircuts and Pink, who has been begging to donate her hair to help people with cancer, finally got her wish.  

She literally has been asking if she can donate her hair for two years and I always talk her out of it.  I was worried her hair would be too too short and I really like her hair longer.  But, after running into a friend at the coffee shop this morning whose daughter just donated HER hair, she told me about Pantene Beautiful Lengths. The great thing about this organization is that you only need a minimum of 8 inches instead of 10. Also, the wigs they make are given FREE of charge unlike Locks of Love who charge their clients several hundred dollars.

Not to judge, because Locks of Love does great stuff, but I really like to support an organization that doesn't put an additional financial burden on people already paying for medical bills.

Here was Pink's hair on Christmas, and it grew a little bit longer since then.

And here it is 9 inches shorter! 

It was all really spontaneous actually.  The haircuts were already scheduled today since they were off of school.  Then, I ran into my friend.  Then, Pink started in on her whole "dream of donating her hair" again. Then, I took out the tape measurer and realized, her hair really wouldn't be that short.  So, we went to the hair salon as scheduled and I just left it up to her.  

She didn't bat an eye. She was so excited!  I've never seen a kid so proud of herself! 
The cool thing is that every kid I know who has donated their hair (and I actually know quite a few) have always 
1. Come up with the idea on their own and been very passionate about it and 
2. Feel so amazing after they do it.  

Plus, kids have the PERFECT hair because it has never been processed and it's not gray!

I think for young kids, it really means something for them to make a decision like this and give one of the few things they can to help another.  It's such a great opportunity for kids to really feel that charitable spirit. 

If you or your child are interested, please check out the Pantene Beautiful Lengths webpage where they have simple instructions and guidelines. 


That's my girl. So proud.


Elizabeth said...

I know so many little girls who've done this, but I have to tell you that your story and the photos -- well, it made me cry. Your girls have such soulful and innocent eyes --

Alicia D said...

Aw, thanks!!! :)

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