Monday, May 16, 2016

Senior Prom

And, just like that... it's Senior Prom. 

May is her last Prom. It will also be her 21st birthday. 
And in a matter of weeks, she will be a graduate.

 Her school started this prom for students ages 16 through 21. CB was 16 for their inaugural year, so she was there from the beginning. Her first prom was this school's first prom.
And, MY first prom ever too!

Now we're at the end of an era, so to speak. 'Bittersweet' is the closest I can get to describing the feelings I have. But even bittersweet just falls flat. 

This prom has meant the world to me. Probably more so than it should. For parents in the typical world, prom is a huge, kind of surreal, milestone event. They watch their son or daughter get dressed up, giddy with excitement. They lament on how much they've grown and how they are standing on the cusp of becoming an adult. Perhaps college is on the horizon, or employment, or traveling the world, or the Peace Corps. Senior prom transitions to the next phase of life. 

It is bittersweet; the twinge of sadness that they are so grown and they are pretty much independent and not so "needing" of you. The excitement of them coming into their own lives and minds. Their world is full of possibility. You've done your job. You've given them roots to grow, and wings to fly. 

It's different for me and CB. 

At the close of this school year, she will transition into the next phase of life. She will not be stepping into a greater level of independence, though we are always working towards improving this in a relative sense. I will still be caring for her round-the-clock. The close of this chapter will open up another one, but I'm not sure I'd describe it as one filled with promise and opportunity. 

 She will be leaving a support system of people who love and care for her. I'm leaving that support system too.  The teachers, aides, and administration at her school - a place we've been for for 11 years - has become family. But unlike REAL family, when we leave, there are no ties left to bind us.

I am braced for it, when I'm not swimming in denial of it coming. It's a really difficult time, emotionally, for me. But, CB? She's happy as a clam. 

I will say that there is one thing I share in common with the "typical" moms and dads and their "typical" seniors. I am so very proud.

So, enough with that downer stuff. Now, we PARTY!

And by party, I mean drinking water out of a red solo cup like we're at a frat house. 
It IS just water, but the picture totally cracks me up! 

Party on, CB. Party on. 

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king said...

Beautiful! Congrats! She does look happy.

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