Friday, February 10, 2017

Cookies for Charity

The girls and I found this AMAZING non-profit in our area that does a ton of great charitable projects. One of many that are very family oriented is their Cookies for Charity program. Once a month, volunteers can come to a local church and spend a few hours mixing the cookie ingredients, baking them, and packaging them up for distribution. Our first month there, we made (as a group) about 800 cookies! We made 500 the next time. It's so fun, and the girls love it. 

The cookies are bagged up and given along with small care packages that include toiletry products. These bags are distributed to women and men who are experiencing homelessness in Camden and/or Philadelphia. I am hoping to take the girls on one of those outings soon. I think they will really get a lot more out of that face-to-face contact and see the impact of what one small act of kindness can do.

In the meanwhile, we'll be trying to bake as often as we can with this amazing group! Please message me if you are local to South Jersey and would like to learn more about getting involved. 

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