Thursday, May 12, 2016

tHERsDay: Prepping for Prom

Tomorrow will be CB's last prom. 

It will close a week of flying solo on the home front. A busy week filled with work, multiple doctors appointments for me and CB, after school activities, middle school orientation, buying and returning 600 prom dresses that didn't work, and CB's shenanigans like escaping the house in the early morning with no pants on... breaking plates... having seizures... not sleeping through the know. The usual.

But tomorrow is PROM so none of that matters!!
It will be bitter sweet.

Her first prom was MY first prom. When I reminded my husband of that, he looked at me and said "I didn't know you were such a loser!" Of course, he was joking.
Truth is, I was a total loser straight through high school. Who cares? It was seven years of my life. Thank goodness no one asks you for your popularity score at a job interview, on a date, or when embarking on a new friendship as a grown-up!!

And, guess what? I have attended six proms since my "loser" days with the best date I could ever ask for. I guess that makes me a winner... in more ways than one. 


Elizabeth said...

All the photos are beautiful, but the last one is priceless. I love this post, you and CB. Have a wonderful time!

Jack John said...

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First Lee said...

I've read a lot about CB on the blog, and I've grown attached to her. Any updates?

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