Thursday, July 22, 2010


A photo taken at the Prom, recently given to me by CB's wonderful teacher.


As I stare at it, I feel the swell of pride and the undercurrent of longing.  My eyes get teary, not because of all that "might have been" but for all that "is." For all that is captured in that lens.  Without judgements or stereotypes. Without losses or fears.

A girl at the prom and her mother; standing arm in arm.


tulpen said...

Seriously. A bit verklempt here.

You're both stunning. Lucky girls.

Lynn said...

You look so proud. I ache to know what my daughter will look like at 15. Bet you did too when she was 6. And now you know.

Lynn said...

p.s. beautiful!

Maggie May said...

so beautiful!

Carrie Link said...

This makes me cry, and your beautiful awareness.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful photo. So much can be seen in your eyes and in hers.

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